We craft finely detailed, luxury eyelash extensions .

Our effortless, lightweight magnetic lashes are the solution to messy glues, uneven application and application challenges we’ve experienced with all the old school glue strip lashes on the market. It was time for a change.

In 2011 we started off our journey as certified lash stylists. Being true lash lovers, we worked to innovate the art and the materials we used for individual lash extensions. We noticed a lack of innovation in the world of strip lashes and we were inspired to change that, with the goal of making strip lashes accessible to all, reusable (without all the glue goop) and easier to use.

How does our magnetic strip lash collection differ from other brands?
Magnetic lashes are just pure magic. 5 tiny magnets attach and hold to a thin line
of micro magnetic liner. Re-apply as many times as you want, without damaging the lash or pulling on the skin.

We made sure that our magnetic eyeliner is 100% safe for skin and around the eye area. Our pointed applicator and carbon black colour make for perfectly flicked cat-eyes.

Our magnetic strip lashes are vegan and cruelty free, made with 100% PBT fibers and NOT real animal hair. The technology of lash making has grown tremendously allowing PBT fibers to be just as soft as real mink hair. The value benefit of synthetic fibers is the durability, lasting a lot longer than standard strip lashes, these babies will give up to 30 wears per set!