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Classic Set

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Our Classic Tray contains thinner lashes giving a wispy soft finish for an everyday natural wear.

Korean PBT Fibres - Softest, Most Flexible, Nylon Material used for synthetic lashes

Tray Contains: 80 Seamless Lashes 

There are 16 rows and each row holds 5 seamless lashes. Each row is a specific length in milimeters.

Lengths Included: 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm

Curl: We have NATURAL ( C Curl)  AND MEDIUM ( CC Curl) available in our Seamless Collection. A natural curl is a softer lift and suitable for someone with really straight downward facing lashes that do not natural hold it's shape even with a lash curler. Our medium curl is more suited for someone who has a natural lift to their lashes and when curled with a lash curler could hold it's shape.

How Many Uses:

Each eye will use 4-5 seamless lashes, if you do not wish to re-use the lashes, you can get 8 full applications.

With proper care and removal you can re-use each Seamless Lashes up to 3 times which means you can have almost up to 24 applications.

How To Care:

Remove gently from your lash line with a good cleanser. Once removed submerge and soak them in warm soapy water for 5mins. Gently wipe away adhesive pat dry and replace into tray.